Company Profile

          KMM Logistic (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. is a worldwide provider of freight management, warehousing, global logistics and business solutions

          Thailand is the hub of waterway transport and logistics linking the Thai economy to ASEAN The Government recently focus to develop and manage all resources in the Organization to achieve highest capacity and performance as well as to increase the ability to manage and uplift the port’s service standard with a view to achieve modernity,good governance and world-class standard.

Main port
-Bangkok Port (Central)
-Leam Chabang Port (East)
-Ranong Port (South)
-Chieng Saen Port (North)
-Chieng Khong Port (North)

Air port
-Suwannabhumi Airport
-Dongmuang Airport

Percentage(%) of Foreign Investors in Thailand
Average 2004-2009

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